Growing Pomegranate
in New Zealand



Pomegranate is also known as Chinese apple or grenadine. It is primarily found in Central Asia as it originated from China and Iran. Pomegranate is an orange-sized reddish fruit with lots of seeds. It is fleshy, juicy, sweet, and one of the world’s healthiest fruit. Pomegranate contains a load of various nutrients, unlike any other fruits.

The pomegranate tree towers above nine meters with a lifespan of 12-15 years. The pomegranate tree is also known to be evergreen. Although the pomegranate is known to flourish in a warm climate, it can also be grown in New Zealand. Most of the pomegranate trees found in New Zealand are grown from cuttings. There are about three varieties of pomegranate that can be found in New Zealand.

The most popular pomegranate in New Zealand is the Wonderful. The Wonderful is a variety of pomegranate grown from cuttings in New Zealand. It is a commercially grown pomegranate as it grows and yields well under the New Zealand weather. When planted from cuttings, it takes between two and a half years to three years before fruition. However, significant fruiting begins after five years for some.

The pomegranate tree is about three meters tall when you plant it from cutting. The Wonderful produces pinkish-red arils and thrives better when planted in the warmest corner of the garden.

The warmth aids the development of the pomegranate fruit as too much cold can affect its quality. Requiring a long and hot summer, it takes about 6-7 months to ripen. The size of the pomegranate fruit determines its ripeness rather than its colour. This is because the colour of the variety of pomegranate fruit varies from a lighter shade of red to a darker shade of red. Aside from its sweet fruit, pomegranate tree flowers are very attractive.

The second best-known pomegranate tree in New Zealand is the Eversweet. This is a variety of pomegranate grown from seed in New Zealand. The Eversweet is of the ruby-red color with no seeds. As its name implies, even the immature fruits of the Eversweet pomegranate tree is sweet. It is also tolerant to the heat conditions of New Zealand. This variety is originally from Afghanistan and is cold-hardy.

The third known pomegranate in New Zealand is the Dwarf Nana. The Dwarf Nana grows about a meter tall. It is used more for ornamental purposes than for edible means. Its fruits are about the size of a golf-ball. Just like the other types of pomegranate, the Dwarf Nana is also beautiful.

The pomegranate fruit can be used for a variety of things. As one of the world’s healthiest fruit, it helps protect the body against a number of diseases. Some of these diseases include cancer, diabetes, amongst others.

Due to its powerful antioxidants qualities, the pomegranate fruit helps to slow down aging. It can also be used as a food sweetener. You can use it to garnish salads, fruit salad, desserts, and neutralizing drinks such as champagne or red wine.


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